İpek Emre Creative Director

Bridal Designer, Fashion Designer, Creative Director

İpek Emre


One of hit bridals of Knight & Bride's TOTEM collection 2021. Inspired from Ancient Egypt’s cat sanctity and cat lover famous queen Kleopatra. Leopard print tulle is the symbol of all the cat family and their importance in ancient Egypt. Style and concept are for totally boho-lover brides.



One of hit bridal separates of Knight & Bride's Pirates of Love collection 2020. Inspired from Jeanne de Clisson one of the first female pirates in the world history. The corsage is made up of suede and pipings are produced out of leather. Ripped tulle skirt reflects the rebel side of the bride.



One of the hit bridals of Knight & Bride Cosmic Origins collection 2019. Inspired by the closest star cluster on earth Ulker known as Pleiades as well. There are 7 stars named after 7 daughters of Atlas. Style and concept are for more classical, ball gown lover bride candidates.