Murat Arıkut Industrial Designer

Designer, Industrial Designer, Design Consultant

Murat Arıkut
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A Retrospective Collage of Projects

The collage contains a wide array of products from Toys to Light Sports Aircraft to Furniture, to Consumer Electronics to Urban Furniture to Houseware to lighting to Museum-ware. For a variety of customers and locations extending from PRC to The UK.

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Outdoor Media Works

Although many different projects were handled at a time from 1996-2006 the main area of operation was urban furniture mainly as a designer and/or consultant for Gunal Outdoor, ClearChannel-Outdoor and Stroer-Out of Home Media.

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Transportation & Advanced Composites

Various designs on composites and carbon stroctures for transportation, aviation, UAVs and engineering oriented products for TEI, ARUNA, UZAYTEM and Kara Madde.