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Merih Feza Yıldırım · Serdar Uslubaş
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Bayraklı Coast Pedestrian Bridge

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge located at Bayraklı coast was designed with the aim of making the coast a more accessible place for pedestrians, cyclists and service vehicles within the scope of IzmirDeniz project.

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Semi-Olympic Pool

It was designed as a closed area of 4000 m² in the Aşık Veysel Recreation area in Bornova by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Survey and Project. Its façade is a gabion wall, and it will be the first building with a glass rockfill facade.

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Aliaga Municipality Youth Center

Aliağa Youth Center is located in Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood, at the intersection of Governor Mithatpaşa and Beyazıt Avenues. It has 10,523 m² total construction area. The building, which has a very busy program, is 100% accessible to the disabled.