Elif Cinbaş Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator
Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Elif Cinbaş

Midsummer's Dream

Pattern designs for Walkiddy Spring & Summer 21 Season. These are two pattern of other 12 patterns.While preparing illustrations in this collection, I wanted to reflect the magical emotions and colors of summer days and nights on the clothes. Now, these are most popular of this season.

05062021_010736_görsel2 - Elif Cinbaş.jpg

Deer Family

A pattern design for Walkiddy Autumn & Winter 20-21 Season. I used natural and soil colors, cause I wanted to reflect colors and feelings of Autumn. This pattern most popular of Walkiddy AW21 Collections.

05062021_010915_görsel-1 - Elif Cinbaş.jpg

Arctic Game

A pattern design for Igi Natur. All of Igi products were sustainable, so I thought using some effected themes about Earth. For this pattern, I tried to reflect the threat at polar life. The polar animals are playing snow balls. At first, it seems like a good story, but maybe people could think why.