Ş. Çiçek Tezer Yıldız Designer

Publishing Editor, Cultural Manager, Architect

Ş. Çiçek Tezer Yıldız

150 years | Port City / Exhibition Space Design

The exhibition space engages to reveal the multilayered social and cultural heritage of Izmir as a commercial city located near a body of water. The importance and influence of the port and the gulf since the mid of 19th century is reflected by actors, dynamics and activities.


Pasa | Architectural Design and Renovation Project / 2013 - 2014

The architectural renovation project involves design and implementation of a two-storied, stone building from 1930's into a restaurant.

14052021_022104_Çalışma Yüzeyi 6 kopya 2 - Emre YILDIZ copy.jpg

Modular Seating Units Furniture Design / 2017

The units were designed as they correspond different uses and work properly together. The design carries the potential to be shaped with the creativity of the users. 6 units, all of them have the edges measured 30cm or its products working compatible with each other.