Emre Yıldız Graphic Designer

Cultural Manager, Graphic Designer

Emre Yıldız
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Komünitas | İzmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Cultural Studies, Visual Identity and Posters

Komünitas is a Space for Culture supported organization that invites different art disciplines to cooperate in order to search for new forms of expression and ask questions within the scope of current performance practices.

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Kalıcı Güncel: Doğa – Event Poster and Font Design

The international Project invites performance artists for two weeks in order to conduct workshops and performances and to think and create in terms of human and nature relationships.

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Tibia x Fibula | Logo and Post Stamp Design

Rooting from architecture, performance, design, and social sciences, the initiative is interested in ideas and practices around time and space, body and memory, participation and creativity at the intersection of art, technology and daily life.