Öykü Gülerçe Kader Industrial Designer

Vestel ID Team
Industrial Designer, Architect

Öykü Gülerçe Kader
14052021_014703_rc_1500 - ÖYKÜ GÜLERÇE KADER copy.jpg

RC 1500

The RC 1500 is a high-end remote control of its time which includes the most used buttons, with an ergonomic and sophisticated form.

14052021_014757_Smarta Far Field Microphone  - ÖYKÜ GÜLERÇE KADER copy.jpg

FMB 100

Far Field Microphone Box - Microphone device for smart TVs

14052021_014838_rc_Repubblica - ÖYKÜ GÜLERÇE KADER copy.jpg

RC Repubblica

Star Wars inspired TV remote control design.