Başak Oksel Çelik Industrial Designer

Vestel ID Team
Industrial Designer

Başak Oksel Çelik
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Bestie-V Smart Modular TV Design

BESTIE-V, a voice- commanded 32” upgradable Modular TV aims to increase product longevity by allowing users to upgrade both the features and design according to their needs and preferences, such as fully mobile hangout companion with external batteries and camera, or speaker-powered movie companion.

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Vestel Sade Turkish Coffee Machine

Vestel Sade is an automatic Turkish Coffee machine designed as a modern domestic kitchen appliances. Its compact and modern design, slowcooking option, removable water tank and 9 people capacity is its strength in the market.

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RC 39100

RC 39100 is a remote control designed for Vestel’s 2016 Settopbox line. It is unique with its elegant, slim and distinctive form, as well as voice control feature and ergonomic handling. Overall form is designed to provide better grip experience.