Ayşe Buse Üstün Industrial Designer

Vestel ID Team
Designer, Industrial Designer

Ayşe Buse Üstün
14052021_012217_EVC02_VESTEL_BuseUstun - Buse Üstün copy.jpg

EVC02 AC Electric Vehicle Charger

EVC02 is an electric vehicle charger offering indoor-outdoor and personal & public usage options with modular use of the exact same functional section in each variation. Variations comprise wall-mounted, totem, double and triple self-standing alternatives.
Designers: Ayse Buse Ustun, Vestel IDTeam

14052021_012322_EVC09_Roadrunner_VESTEL_BuseUstun - Buse Üstün copy.jpg

EVC09 Roadrunner DC Satellite Charger

Distinctive design of Roadrunner comprises layered body and curved lines with cool colors and metallic finish. Energy modules are located separately, enabling to reach a clear, high-class appearance, creating a futuristic urban furniture perception.
Designers: Ayse Buse Ustun, Vestel IDTeam

14052021_012900_EVC04_VESTEL_BuseUstun - Buse Üstün copy.jpg

EVC04 AC Electric Vehicle Charger

EVC04 is the most affordable member of Vestel Electric Vehicle Charger family with plastic body designed for residential use. Highly customizable design approach was pursued to answer the needs of different business models and customers.
Designers: Ayse Buse Ustun, Vestel ID Team