Kiraz Sema Turhan Industrial Designer

Vestel ID Team
Industrial Designer

Kiraz Sema Turhan
14052021_011659_TV_with_ME_ - Sema Turhan copy.jpg

TV with Me

TV with ME is a eco-friendly portable TV design that can keep up with the user's mobile lifestyle. Target user is gen-Y, gen-Z. The screen size is 24 inch so it can be easily moved between rooms and also locations. The speaker at the bottom provides high sound quality.

14052021_011728_Circo_RC_ - Sema Turhan copy.jpg

Circo Remote Control

Circo is a TV remote control with an elegant and unique form. It is designed to provide better physical "watching" experience. While satisfying the user with its ergonomic and dynamic form, it emphasizes the modern design concept with its icon keys and silver & black tones.

14052021_011808_Hangout_ - Sema Turhan copy.jpg

Hangout Smart Mirror

Hangout is a smart mirror concept, aims to provide a healthier screen use habit. It is especially designed for people who cannot perform their activities outside due to the pandemic. Hangout brings an innovative and modern interpretation to the screen phenomenon, supporting many activities.