Burcu Yıldız Fashion Designer

Pattern Artist, Fashion Designer, Textile Designer

Burcu  Yıldız
14052021_010045_Chinic - BURCU YILDIZ copy.jpg

Chinic, Illustration on Silk Scarf, 2020

Drawing on silk scarf, 92 x 92 cm. "Chinic", at the collective exhibition titled Genetic Codes of Turkish Design, at Istanbul Airport International Lounge, with Refik Anadol, Arzu Kaprol, Dice Kayek, etc.

14052021_010231_Scream Leather Jacket - BURCU YILDIZ copy.jpg

Scream Leather Jacket

This is a LIMITED EDITION, it has an artwork on its lining. The lining is 100% silk. About an artwork:First we had our inner voice heard, we screamed, then we accepted and we loved ourselves more with the pure love that has been taught in our foundation. Now is the time to rediscover yourself.

14052021_010427_Dream - BURCU YILDIZ copy.jpg

Dream, 2020

Drawing on silk scarf, 92 x 92 cm.