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Kaan Selçuk
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45160 Android TV Uzaktan Kumanda

RC43160 is a pioneer model of new generation android TV’s with voice command. For such a significant role, it is designed by taking into consideration of hierarchy, grouping, mass production, customizability, ease of use and latest design trends.

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43135 TV Uzaktan Kumanda Ailesi

New Era Family brings ergonomy, user-friendliness and recent trends for users. Moreover as a product family, it provides a benefit of playing role in each segment for manufacturer thanks to its family design identity.

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43141 TV Uzaktan Kumanda

RCA 43141 RC is a challenge project indeed where the market is over-saturated. The remote control looks like as if it is floating because of its formal structure. All details are specially and neatly located such as IR indicator lens and internal mechanical details.