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Salih Seymen
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Anadolu Apartment House & Cultural Facalities

Anadolu Apartment House which was constructed in 1905 as the first apartment house in İzmir has been protected with its original properties. The design of the new building on the same parcel was undertaken with an objective to preserve the facade and location of the historical building.

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De Jongh Mansion

It is believed that the building was built by Henry de Jongh in late 19th century. In 1976 SSK used it as Health Vocational School and then in 2012 rented it to Sifa University which has been using it as Health Sciences Faculty after the completion of restoration applications.

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Charnaud Mansion

The building was constructed as a house at the beginning of the 19th century by Zipcy family. The date 1831 on the Rhodes mosaic in the garden is believed to be the date of construction. After the finalization of the restoration, the building has been used for accommodation purposes.