Şölen Kipöz Ethical Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer, Ethical Fashion Designer

Şölen Kipöz
13052021_054153_Salvaged Leather 2019-melez - Solen Kipoz copy.jpg

Amrita/ Hybrid | Salvaged Leather Exhibition 2019

Upcycled leather jacket and skirt design made of and repurposed leather jacket as a distribution waste and deadstock fabrics.

13052021_054309_Ahimsa2012-Şölen Kipöz - Solen Kipoz copy.jpg

Ambivalent | Ahimsa: The Other Life of Clothes Exhibition 2012

Upcycled and Reused conceptual clothing design made of designer's own garments.

13052021_054458_legacyinthepocket - Solen Kipoz copy.jpg

Legacy in the Pocket 2014

Rag doll design and installation presenting participatory rag doll designs co-created by non-designer women communities. The project is prepared and exhibited under the frame of PortIzmir Art Triennal 3