Erman Eskiköy Architect

Designer, Architect

Erman Eskiköy
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Skyhub Hong Kong

The aim of the project was to break the standard Office Building ideology and to gain it to public by creating workplaces and public spaces in collaborated, gather people from all around the World, and work as a respond to vertical agglomeration in heart of Central, Hong Kong.

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Izmir Public Library

The challenge of the project is to redefine and redesign a public library to make it an attractive public space again.It is part of the design task to provide new solutions for slowly disappearing public libraries as learning environments of cities.

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The pavilion #UNFOLD is designed for the FABFEST Festival at Westminster University in London.#UNFOLD aims to re-interpret and manipulate the concepts of diversity, uncertainty and stardardisation.The design is won the Hawtorn Prize and the third award in the category of Best Architectural Design.