Elvan Özkavruk Adanır Textile Designer

Head, Izmır University of Economics
Fiber Art, Textile Designer

Elvan Özkavruk Adanır

Woman's World: Charm in the Coffee

Coffee plays an important part in Turkish daily life. The tradition is a symbol of hospitality, friendship etc. A type of needlework, oya, also has a long tradition. Each oya has a different meaning. Cups made of fabrics decorated with oyas are symbolizing the chats women had together.

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Relaxing Prophecies in Difficult Days

The grounds of coffee left in the empty cup are usually used to tell a person’s fortune. During the pandemic we could not come together physically. Relaxing prophecies such as luck, fruitfulness, wealth, and peace were embroidered on portraits as if we are all together drinking coffee.

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Multicultural essence of Izmir

Izmir has been home to various communities throughout the history; Turks, Greeks, Levantines, Cretans, Bosnians etc. These societies have formed a culinary culture and Izmir turned into a sustainable city of taste. The dishes of Izmir made from textiles are reflecting all these societies.