Noyan Umur Vural Architect

NVA Archtecture
Interior Designer, Designer, Architect

Noyan Umur Vural
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Blue Horizon

It was designed as a single mass without detaching solid sculptural building fragments that are detached from the environment.The structure consists of a simple shell to which the terraces and pool are articulated.Transparent areas were created by opening tears in the shell.

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Perdix Winehouse

While the wine production area and a kitchen form the two main masses in the basement floor, the project becomes public with the wine tasting place at the entrance level.


Passage Bornova

The project is situated in Bornova, one of the central and business provinces of İzmir. The area is very close to Yasar University in Izmir and also a public hospital. This mixed-use project consists of 1+0, 1+1, 2+1 and loft apartments and shopping mall in the entrance floor.